I Still Don’t Care about Payroll . . . BUT!

I wrote in a previous post that I don’t care about the size of the Pirates payroll. But there was a “non-move” today that really bugged me.

I had suggested on this site that Wilson Betemit would be a good low-cost free agent option for the Pirates at 1B. Well, the cost was a lot lower than I had anticipated. Betemit, today, signed a minor league (!) contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

You might be wondering what I saw in Betemit, since he missed almost all of last season with a severe knee injury, has not been the best at fielding his positions, and has mostly played 3B.

Betemit has a career .820 OPS against right-handed pitchers and has played 1B. Is that not worth the “gamble” of a few hundred thousand dollars more than the league minimum on a major league contract?

I believe Betemit would have been worth a very small risk. But I do have to keep in mind that the team has much more information than I do with my statistics, which include . . . an .820 OPS!

“So, now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may work through me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9b

143 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Care about Payroll . . . BUT!

  1. This team will continue to improve and spend LESS in coming years? How’s that?! By releasing “aging” players, and replacing them with high-upside prospects. For example……

    Liriano and Wandy will be replaced, more than likely, by Taillon and Kingham (or someone else). Polanco will replace Tabata. Someone will replace Barmass. Grilli will be gone after this year.

    Unquestionably, the team will see dramatic improvement, while the payroll is trimmed by millions.

    • That’s just how Tampa Bay has remained a contender with a low payroll. They’ve shown that it’s possible for a small revenue team to have more than a “window” of years to contend.

  2. As I posted at the Asylum site, it’s laughable to think that The Genius Firm of Nutting, Connelly and Hungtinton will actualyl decrease payroll as the team likely plays further into October, How, might you ask ?

    The natural progression of veterans playing out their contracts will be replaced by higher-end prospects. For example, the likely scenerios are among: Polanco replaces Tabata; Sanchez replaces Martin; Taillon and Kingham and soon Glasnow will replace Liriano and Wandy. Barmas will be replaced. Grilli will be gone after this season, more than likely.Someday, possibly during the winter of 2015, Pedro will be traded for high-end prospects.

    So, with this post, I introduce to the world “The Genius Firm of Nutting, Connelly and Huntington”. Please feel free to refer to them as such


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